Thursday, October 22, 2009


Through this software Cooliris, I can make my presentation better, because it has 3D graphic motion and style. For me, it more interesting than power point.


In class, I have learn how to use this software. This software can record the screen activity on our computer. It also can record audio or sound from our voice or from others. So, with this software, in future, I can use this to enhance my teaching skill in order to make it interesting and not boring.


I have learn how to make spreadsheet and simulation. Through this, I can manage and contruct the idea how to make my student in future to learn and easy to understand. With this I can make my teaching in future more interesting and good.


Through picasa. I have learn how to organize and edit photos. In picasa learning also, I can use that to desing beautiful colour, create slideshows dan movie maker. Picasa also, teach me how to add text on photo and apply the effect to make my photos looks better.


I had learn how to use smart board, smart board can control computer applications directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save our work to share later. In smart board, notebook is a tool that allows me to draw and save work. Notable components: Can be used to draw straight lines with arrows, dotted lines and shapes.I also learn how to record a video of what is displayed on the screen it could be used to post a video recording of a lecture. Video player will play videos to me, just like windows media player. Keyboard has a simple style keyboard as well as a function called write that allows me to write out words that will be read into the computer. Also, there is a keyboard in alphabetical order and a number pad. Smart board also has Floating tools and notable Components: Highlighter, screen shade, undo, area capture (copy), and eraser. I can help me a lot if I use smart board to teach my student. It also can make my teaching style more interesting and can attract student to give attention in class.

Monday, October 19, 2009


My Teaching Philosophy

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Spread Sheet

Friday, October 2, 2009


"Education in Malaysia is an on-going efforts towards further developing the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner, so as to produce individuals who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced and harmonic, based on a firm belief in and devotion to God. Such an effort is designed to produce Malaysian citizens who are knowledgeable and competent, who possess high moral standards and who are responsible and capable of achieving high level of personal well-being as well as being able to contribute to the harmony and betterment of the family, the society and the nation at large"


In consonance with the National Education Philosophy, science education in Malaysia nurtures a science and technology culture by focusing on the development of individuals who are competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient and able to master scientific knowledge and technological competency.


Assalamualaikum?. Based on the butterfly lesson, I conclude that life without obstacle and challenges is nothing, because that thing made us become strong, mature and gives the meaning of life. I related butterfly lesson with our situation now. We are now like in butterfly cocoon why I say like that, it because cocoon make butterfly mature, strong and can fly, it same like us now, we are still student now and study at university. For me university is like a cocoon, university make us mature, teach us to become strong and teach us how to overcome the problem. Like butterfly, when in cocoon, it try as could as it can, so it seem like us study here and want graduate as soon as possible. In cocoon, contain fluid that make the butterfly mature and have strong wings and can support their body to fly. So, in university contain many of fluid( assignments and so on) that make us become mature and soon we are graduate from university. When we were graduated, it same like when the butterfly released from their cocoon. However, when the butterfly released from their cocoon it will face many of challenge than inside the cocoon, the obstacle that the must face is when they are captured by human, become victim of predators and so on. It also same like us when we graduated we will faced maybe more challenge and obstacle than in university. Since we are will be become a teacher after graduated, the challenge is bigger than another job.
So as conclusion, I related our life with current situation now. Since we are still student, the butterfly lesson is the best thing to describe our life.We to should be strong face the reality of life and try to understand the meaning of life. And one more thing, we will not get anything if we want something but we did not do anything to get what we want.

That all thanks you.